SmackTalk RC Episode #29 – Crashing : Inspecting & Repairing

SmackTalk RC Episode #29 – Crashing : Inspecting & Repairing

Bobby & Chicken Wing cover one of our favorite topics… Crashing! Join them as they crash a model, fix it, inspect parts, and fly it again. Learn to fix servos, repair blades, and some tips & tricks along the way!. Runtime: 41:01 min. Audience: All Pilots. Price: $2.99. File sizes: Preview (21 MB), High Definition Version (902 MB), Mobile Version (289 MB), Standard Version (410 MB)

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Our SmackTalk cruise was a success!

We had an incredible time aboard the “Liberty of the Seas” from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (2nd largest ship in the world). It ended up being a relatively small group, which actually worked out very well because we all got to hang out most of the time.

Alex, Wicky, Mike and Meg went on a nice shore excursion in Belize to see the ruins of Altun Ha while James Cistola went on a 2 tank deep water dive and James VanHook, Amanda, Ray, Suzi and I went for a tour of Belize city and the country side.

The highlight of the whole trip was during our stop in Cozumel, Mexico when we all went to Carlos’ n Charlie’s for lunch and some drinks, we certainly had a lot of fun there.

All in all, everybody had a great time, we enjoyed some delicious food, had plenty to drink, relax and most importantly, took time away from it all!

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New SmackTalk RC DVD Available!

Learning 3D DVD

We are pleased to announce the release of our first DVD. This DVD is called “Learning 3D with Bert Kammerer Part 1” and includes the first five chapters of our “Learning 3D” series that is available for download on this site.

This DVD is now available at some of the most popular hobby shops and online retailers in the world.

SmackTalk RC Wins Team Competition at 3DM!

We are extremely happy to return home after winning the Synchro Competition at 3D Masters in Venlo, The Netherlands. We owe this victory to you, our supporters! The weather in Venlo was horrible and we had to fly in pretty bad conditions, but we got it done.

Aside from winning the team competition, we got to do one of the best demos ever, we flew at 4-way with Tareq Alsaadi and Lukas Riva, this flight was a lot of fun, look for it on YouTube.

Finally, we have a very special surprise for Episode #15, we’re interviewing Tareq himself! Stay tuned…

2011 3DM Team SmackTalk!

3D Masters 2011

Bert & Bobby will be sponsoring the event as well as competing as a team this year at 3D Masters this year in Venlo, Netherlands . If you are at the event, make sure to stop by and say hello to Bert & Bobby.

“SmackTalk” Original Song Music Video

Since the show’s inception, we have always been proud to have our very own music for the show. Inspired by the attitude that the SmackTalk family shares, Bobby decided to write a special song just for the show. Based on the original “Thoughts of Destruction” soundtrack from Season 1, the following song “SmackTalk” will remind you of where we came from and then take you through a dark and twisted journey of smack. Prepare yourself for a melodic metal adventure.

Join Bobby and Master Rick as they take you down into the flames and through some of our fondest memories of Season 1. This is just the beginning of Season 2.

Crank those speakers up, rock out, and enjoy!

Both Season 1 and Season 2 songs are available in our Download Center!!

Contrats Bobby!

Congratulations Bobby for earning a Mechanical
Engineering degree from the University of South Carolina!

SmackTalk Episode 10 Coming Soon!!!

Get ready for our last Episode of Season 1!!  We’ve got a great one to end an amazing year!

We think everyone will enjoy SmackTalk RC Episode 10: “Going Flybarless!”

Stay Tuned!!!

FREE Episode of SmackTalk???

Imagine if everyone could watch an entire full length episode of SmackTalk RC for FREE without Bobby and Bert wanting to kick your ass! Interested??? Details coming soon…

In Rick We Trust

After a stunning performance at the IRCHA Jamboree, we have made a special shirt for our fearless leader. These are available in the SHOP section of our website.

In Rick We Trust…