SmackTalk RC is an online instructional video series created by RC Helicopter fanatics for RC Helicopter fanatics. Join hosts Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts, and Kyle Stacy as they cover all aspects of RC Heli modeling – from technical setup recommendations to expert flying tips. SmackTalk has been in production since 2010 and continues to evolve with the ever-changing technology in the RC Heli world. We hope SmackTalk allows you to grow as a pilot, learn new things, and enjoy your hobby even more than ever!

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Bobby Watts, Bert Kammerer, Kyle Stacy


About Bert Kammerer, Bobby Watts, and Kyle Stacy:

BK-150x200 Bert Kammerer
Bert Kammerer has been involved in RC for over 33 years, helicopters specifically since 2004. He has worked in design, research and development for many industry leaders, such as Align, Miniature Aircraft, Horizon Hobby, Outrage, SAB Heli Division and Byron Fuels to name a few. Bert has also been involved in competition. He competed at the XFC (Extreme Flight Championships) where he finished in the top 7 during 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. He also competed at the “World Micro Heli Cup” in Chicago finishing 4th and in the “2008 Align Cup and Competition” where he finished 2nd. He has also taken 1st place for two consecutive at the XFC team competition and also 1st place in the Synchro Competition at “3D Masters” 2011 in the Netherlands.

Bert formed BK Designs LLC in 2013 with his wife Suzi, and is the manufacturer of BK Servos & Switch Rotor Blades. In 2017, BK Designs became the official distributor of SAB helicopters in the USA. He is part of the board of directors of “TORCHS” (The Orlando Remote Control Helicopter Society) and the founder and main organizer of the “Orlando Helicopter Blowout”, the 2nd largest RC helicopter event in the United States.Bert travels all over the world performing demos and representing SAB Heli Division as well as his own brands.

BW-150x200 Bobby Watts
Bobby has been involved with RC helicopters since late 2003 and absolutely loves the hobby. He is currently sponsored by Scorpion Power Systems, Pulse Batteries, and works closely with BK Designs. He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bobby has formed various companies over the years, combining his passions for RC modeling, designing, and engineering. He is also a FAA 107 licensed drone pilot and operates large camera drones on major motion pictures, TV shows, and commercials.

When not involved in work or helicopters, he is a huge fan of guitar and music, and enjoys spending his spare time outdoors with his girlfriend Carly and their dog, Milo. While representing various companies as a sponsored/competition pilot he has attended many events in the US and has been to various countries from New Zealand to Honduras as well as many others in between. Some notable achievements include: 1st Place- XFC 2008/2009 / 2010 Team with Bert Kammerer,  “The One” 2010 ,  2nd place- XFC 2007/2008/2010, 3rd Place– XFC 2009/3D Masters 2007.

KS-Photo-200x150 Kyle Stacy

Kyle has been in the hobby for practically his entire life. He has been going to the field with his father since the age of two and flying since the age of five. He currently flies for BK Servo, Mikado Vbar, Scorpion Motors, HobbyWing ESCs, Pulse Batteries, RC Pro Plus connectors and Ninja Wraps. Kyle has worked closely helping with design and R&D with many big companies such as SAB Heli Division, BK Servo, HobbyWing ESCs and more. When Kyle is not flying he enjoys playing guitar and hanging with friends. Kyle has competed all over the world and has won multiple events such as the “ONE” Competition (2014, 2015), 3D World Cup France (2015), Battle Of The Brands (2016) and placed top 3 at the XFC a few years in a row.