SmackTalk RC Episode #32 – ESC’s

SmackTalk RC Episode #32 – ESC’s

Join Bobby Watts and Kyle Stacy as they discuss, fly, and analyze ESC’s (Electronic Speed Controllers) in depth! Join in as Bobby & Kyle discuss Internal vs External Governor Mode, Autorotation Bailout, BEC’s & Backup Guards, Analyzing a Flight / Data Log Graph, Show the Easiest Method to Tune a Governor, and a Special Interview with Georges Van Gansen from Scorpion. This episode is full of useful tips to help you get the most out of your ESC!

Runtime: 1Hr 1 min.

Audience: All Pilots.

Price: 24HR/RENT $2.99 , BUY $7.99


SmackTalk RC Episode #31 – The Mikado VBar Control

SmackTalk-Wordpress-Photo-Template SmackTalk RC Episode #31 – The Mikado VBar Control

Join Bobby Watts and Kyle Stacy in the longest most in-depth SmackTalk RC episode to date as they discuss the newest radio by Mikado: The VBar Control. Join in as they go over everything from absolute basics, setup, updating/loading applications, basic flight parameters, and even expert tuning tips that you won’t find anywhere else! Whether you are just taking a VBar Control radio out of the box and need some setup help – or you are an avid user just looking for some advanced tips, this episode is for you!

Runtime: 1Hr 38 min.

Audience: All Pilots.

Price: 24HR/RENT $2.99 , BUY $7.99


Click HERE to download the VBar Control setup files used by Bobby & Kyle in their Goblin 700 helicopters.


smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #7 – Crashing!

Join Bobby and Bert as they discuss crashing. They talk about their crash experiences and share some good memories. They also talk about why crashing is important and much more.

Fun Flys and Events!

smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #6 – Fun Flys and Events

Join Bobby and Bert as they talk about fun flys and events. They talk about the different types of events, share memories from old events, discuss how events have changed over the years and also stress the importance of event attendance. They are also joined by TORCHS Club vice-president Scott Huber.

Kyle Stacy!

smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #5 – Kyle Stacy

Join Bobby and Bert as they chat with the One and only Kyle Stacy! We have known Kyle since he was just a kid and it has been a great pleasure to watch him progress so far in the hobby.


SmackTalk RC!

smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #4 – SmackTalk RC

Join Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts as they talk about the origins of SmackTalk RC, what motivated them to start the show, how it all started and much more.

Nik “The Commentator” Johnson

smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #3 – Nik Johnson

Join Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts as they talk with Nik Johnson. Nik talks about what got him into the hobby, how he become “the commentator” and much more!


Georges Van Gansen

smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #2 – Georges Van Gansen

Join Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts as they talk with Georges Van Gansen, owner of Scorpion Power Systems. Georges talks about his love for the hobby, what motivated him to start the Scorpion company and much more!


Are RC Helicopters Dead?

smacktalk_podcast_logo_high_res_ SmackTalk RC Podcast #1 – Are RC Helicopters Dead?

Join Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts in their first “Pilot” Podcast Ever! During this hour long discussion, Bobby and Bert weigh in on the topic of RC Helicopters in 2016. Plain and simple: Are RC Helicopters Dead?

SmackTalk Drones Episode #1 – An Introduction to FPV Racing

PREVIEW-STDrones1 SmackTalk Drones Episode #1 – An Introduction to FPV Racing

Join Bert and Bobby as they introduce FPV racing. Learn the very basics of FPV flight including aircraft, ground stations, basic rules and regulations and more. Runtime: 48:59 min. Audience: All Pilots. Price: $4.99. File sizes: Preview (105 MB), High Definition Version (985 MB), Mobile Version (330 MB), Standard Version (488 MB)

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